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Question 1
Given a cone with the height of 10cm and the base radius of 9cm. Find the volume of this cone. Take π as 3.14.


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A. 8.4 cm2
B. 8.4 cm3
C. 847.8 cm2
D. 847.8 cm3
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Step 1
The picture below shows the cone with the height of 10cm and base radius of 9cm.
cone with height 10cm and base radius 9cm

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Step 2
To calculate the volume, we start with the formula for the volume of a cone. Note that h is the height and r is the base radius of the cone.
formula for the volume of a cone

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Step 3
Since the values for r, h, and  π are given, we can substitute r with 9, h with 10 and π with 3.14. After substituting these values, we can calculate for V as shown below:
Calculating the volume of a cone
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Step 4
Now, the calculated number 847.8 only has a meaning if we include the unit for it. Since the given units are in cm, the unit for volume will be cm3. Hence:
V = 847.8 cm3
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Step 5
Clearly, the answer is D.

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