Other Useful Sites

  • Aim High Tutors

    Looking for an effective in home tutor in South Orange County? Check out AimHighTutors.com producing excellent results for South Orange County students in Math, English, Science, and all other subjects for grades K-12. Aim High Tutors - your Orange County source for student success.

  • Wolfram Mathworld

    This site has extensive collection of mathematical theorems and formulas. A good place to look for mathematics references.

  • The Math Forum

    The Math Forum is the comprehensive resource for math education on the Internet. Some features include math help service, database of math sites, online resources for teaching and learning math.

  • Child Central

    Child Development, Child Behavior and Parenting Advice. Share Photo, Videos and Stories about your child at child-central.com. See what others are sharing about their experiences with child training, development, discipline , autism fun stories and more.... Grab your FREE e-book too!

  • Purplemath

    Purplemath contains practical algebra lessons demonstrating useful techniques and pointing out common errors. Lessons are written with the struggling student in mind, and stress the practicalities over the technicalities.

  • Learn With Math Games

    Math games make learning Math fun. When we are having fun, we are more open to learning. When we are having fun, we want to keep doing whatever we are doing...

  • Computing Technology for Math Excellence

    Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to the standards movement and integrating technology into teaching and learning and in K-12 mathematics and calculus. Find software and sites for basic skills, problem solving, homework assistance, games/simulations, virtual manipulatives, project-based learning, standardized testing, technology integration, multimedia development, web design, math initiatives, math methodology, professional development, research, including No Child Left Behind. Accessibility resources are included.

  • Online Math Degree

    AcademicInfo.net is a free resource, providing subject specific resources and information on online degree programs and online schools.