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Question 2
Given a rectangle with the area of 30in2 and its length is 6in. Find its width.


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A. 6 in2
B. 6 in
C. 5 in2
D. 5 in
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Step 1
The picture below shows the rectangle with the length of 6in and the width of w.
a rectangle with the length 6in and width w

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Step 2
Since the value of the area is given as 30in2, we can substitute A with 30. Similarly, since the length is given as 6in, we can substitute l with 6. This is shown below:
substituting A with 30 and l with 6

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Step 3
Now, we have  6w = 30. Notice that, to find w, we need to remove 6. We can do so by dividing both sides of the equation with 6.
the width is 5
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Step 4
Now, the calculated number 5, has no meaning until we include the unit for it. Since the area is in inch2, w will be in inch. Hence:
w = 5 in
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Step 5
Therefore, the answer is D.

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