Adding Like Terms Practice Question

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Question 2

Simplify the following expression.

Algebra expression 5x + 3x^2 -2x -5x^2 +7


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A. 5x2 +10x +7
B. 8x2 +3x +7
C. 3x2 +8x +7
D. x2 +10x +7

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    First, arrange the like terms as shown.

    Arrange the terms
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    Step 2

    Now add the terms +3x2 and +5x2 together. You will get 8x2.

    Add terms +3x^2 and +5x^2 to get +8x^2
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    Step 3

    Now add the like terms +5x and -2x together. You will get 3x.

    Add terms 5x and -2x to get 3x
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    Step 4

    There is no more like terms in this expression. This expression cannot be simplified further.

    The simplified expression is 3x +8x^2 +7
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    Step 5

    The final expression is 3x +8x2 +7. You can rearrange the expression as 8x2 +3x +7 so it looks neater. Therefore, the answer is B.