Coordinate Plane Practice Question

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Question 1

Name the two circled parts of the Coordinate Plane as shown in the picture.

Question 1 picture


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A. y-axis and point of origin
B. x-axis and point of origin
C. x-axis and y-axis
D. x-axis and quadrant

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    One of the circled part is the horizontal axis. It is also known as x-axis. See the picture below:

    Coordinate plane x-axis image
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    Step 2

    The other circled part is the point of Origin as shown in the picture. It is important to label this point as 'O' whenever you draw the Coordinate plane.

    Coordinate plane point of origin
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    Step 3

    From Step 1 & 2, clearly the answer for this question is B.