Graphs: Coordinates of a Point

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Learn how to read & write the coordinates of a point.

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Why Learn This?

To use the coordinate plane, the first thing you must learn is to read & write the position (coordinates) of a point on the plane.

The picture on the right helps to illustrate this further.

Now, let's proceed to the study tips below.

Coordinate of a point

Study Tips

If you are not sure what are 'x-coordinate' or 'y-coordinate', just keep the study tips in mind. Things will be much clearer after you watch the video.

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Tip #1

Read the x-coordinate first, then the y-coordinate. This minimizes mistake when you write down the coordinates.

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Tip #2

Double check the coordinates that you have written down. Make sure the x-coordinate and y-coordinate are in the correct order and not swapped.

Now, watch the following math video to understand more.

Math Video

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Math Video Transcript

Now that you are already familiar with the coordinate plane, let's move on to learn how to read the co-ordinates of a point.

Consider this point right over here. When it is placed on the plane, it will have it's own co-ordinates that shows it's position.

Now, how to read the co-ordinates of this point? First read the x-coordinate of this point from the x-axis. You see that you'll get 2.0.

Now read the y-coordinate of this point from the y-axis. You'll get 3.0. By combining x and y-coordinate together, you'll get the co-ordinates of the point as (2.0,3.0)

You can write the co-ordinates beside this point like this. Bear in mind, the 2.0 here corresponds to the x-coordinate and the 3.0 corresponds to the y-coordinate.

Also, you must write the co-ordinates of the point in this order... 2.0,... 3.0. These numbers must be written in the this order; and this order also known as 'Ordered Pair'.

Lets experiment with what we have learned. I'm going to move this point around. Observe how the co-ordinates changes accordingly. (Moves from (2.0,3.0) - ( 2.0,2.0) - (2.0,-3.0) - (-2.0,-3.0) - (-2.0,3.0) stops for about 3s for each co-ordinates).

x-coordinate: 2.0 , y-coordinate: 2.0.

x-coordinate: 2.0 , y-coordinate: negative 3.0.

x-coordinate: 2.0 negative 2.0 , y-coordinate: negative 3.0.

x-coordinate: negative 2.0 , y-coordinate: 3.0.

Alright, that is all for this lesson. You can move on to the practice questions to test your understanding.

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You can start by going through the series of the Coordinates of a point questions here or pick your question below.

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