Divide Fractions Practice

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Question 1

Divide 2/9 with 1 3/7. Give the answer in the simplest form.


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A. 7/45
B. 1/5
C. 20/63
D. 5/7

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    Let's write down these fractions:

    Divide fractions, 2/9 with 1 3/7
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    Step 2

    Notice that 1 3/7 is a mixed fraction. We need to convert it into an improper fraction before we can start dividing.

    convert improper fraction to mixed fraction
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    Step 3

    The conversion is shown below:

    improper fraction, 10/7

    After the conversion, we have:

    1 3/7 to 10/7
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    Step 4

    Now, we can divide these fractions. To do so, we change the division to multiplication, provided that we also change the divisor to its reciprocal.

    change the fraction division to fraction multiplication
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    Step 5

    After these changes, we can just multiply the fractions together.

    the final answer, 7/45
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    Step 6

    Here, we have the resulting fraction as 7/45. Clearly, the answer is A.