Equation of Line Parallel to The x-Axis or y-Axis Practice

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Question 1

Determine the equation of a line that pass through the point (4,-2) that is parallel to the:

  1. x-axis
  2. y-axis


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A. y = -4 and x = 2
B. y = 2 and x = -4
C. y = 4 and x = -2
D. y = -2 and x = 4

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    As for the start, it is better to plot the point (4,-2) on the coordinate plane to have a clearer picture of this question.

    coordinates of a point (4,-2)
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    Step 2

    Now, for the line that is parallel to the x-axis and passes through the line (4,-2), we can just draw a horizontal line as shown in the picture.

    Also, notice that all the points on the line have the y-coordinates of -2. Hence, this line can be represented with the equation:

    y = -2
    a line parallel to the x-axis
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    Step 3

    Similarly, for the line that passes through (4,-2) and parallel to the y-axis, we can draw a vertical line as shown in the picture.

    Again, all the points on the line have the x-coordinate of 4. Hence, we can write the equation for this line as:

    x = 4
    a line parallel to the y-axis
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    Step 4

    From Step 1 and Step 2, we have the equation of the line as:

    y = -2 (parallel to the x-axis)
    x = 4 (parallel to the y-axis)

    Clearly the answer is D.