Evaluating Expression

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Learn the basics behind evaluating expressions by substituting variables and perform any required calculations.

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From the lesson algebra variables, you know that a variable is used to represent a certain number.

Therefore, you can evaluate an expression by substituting the each variable in the expression with its given number and perform the required calculation. This lesson shows you how.

Evaluating expression

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Tip #1

Remember to include brackets around the substituted variable. These brackets help to minimize calculation mistakes.

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Tip #2

It is better to substitute the variables in the expression one at a time. You can substitute the variables all at once only when you have already familiarized with the steps involved.

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Evaluating Expression
In the lesson ' Algebra Variables', we learn that variable can be used to represent a certain number.

Therefore, we can evaluate an algebraic expression by substituting each variable with a given number and perform the required calculation.

This lesson shows you how.

Let's evaluate the expression when p =3, and r = -2.

For this expression, only variable p is present. So, substituting p with 3.

Remember to always put brackets around the substituted number. This is to minimize mistakes.

Now, multiply 2 with 3. this gives 6. next, Add 6 with 2. This gives 8 . Therefore, The evaluated expression is 8.

Now, let's evaluate 4p + 3r. We can start by substituting p with 3.

Next, multiply 4 with 3. This gives 12.

Now, substitute r = -2. multiply 3 with -2. This gives -6.

Minus 12 with 6. This gives the answer 6.

Next example, p the power of 3, minus 2r square, minus 2.

Let's start by substituting r with -2. Now, -2 square is equals to -2 multiply by -2, which is equals to 4.

Next, we multiply -2 with 4. This gives -8.

Now, by adding -8 and -2, we get -10.

Let's substitute p with 3. Now, 3 power of 3 is equals to, 3 * 3 * 3. This gives 27.

Alright, the final answer is 27 minus 10, which is 17.

One final example on evaluating expression, let's evaluate r square minus 2pr. Substituting r with negative 2.

Now, negative two to the power of 2 is equals to, -2 multiply by -2. This gives 4.

Let's substitute p with 3. -2 multiply by 3 gives negative 6.

Now, substitute r with -2.

Multiply -6 with -2 gives +12.

Now add 4 with +12. The answer is 16.

Alright, that's all for this lesson on evaluating expression. Try out the practice questions to better your understanding.

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