Fractional Exponents - Find the expression's value

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I have a question that gets to do with fractional exponents. How do we actually find value of this expression?
fractional exponents question

We will solve this question using the formula that relates fractional exponents and roots. This formula is shown below:

fractional exponents are related to roots

It is better to take some time to understand how this formula is derived in this lesson on Fractional Exponent.

Now, looking at the expression, we can simplify each of the term in the expression using this formula:

fractional exponent formula

Here's how we can proceed to do so:

applying the formula

(*Note that 8 = 2 × 2 × 2. So cube root of 8 is 3.
Similarly, -8 = -2 × -2 × -2. So, cube root of -8 is -2.)

Hence, we have:

answer is 8

So, the value is 8.

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Aug 21, 2010
about the topic
by: chalotte

this is accually not the one i'm looking for but seams that i learn something in here...... well the only thing that i can say i learn a lot from this........ thank...... well hope i can wrire more but as for now............ i'm spechless and one more thigh i'm busy ...... but well hopre you give me the answer that i'm looking for......... welll... see you later...... ohayo....
truly your's charlotte
smartest then ever....

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