Fractional Exponents Practice Question

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Question 2

Simplify the following:

Simplifying a^(3/2) x a^(-1/2)


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A. 1/a
B. a2
C. a
D. 1/a2

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    Fractions are just basically numbers. Therefore the exponent laws are still applicable.

    Let's use the first exponent law to simplify this term.

    This term now becomes:

    The term to simplify using the first law of exponents
    first law of exponents
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    Step 2

    Alright, '+' sign multiply by '-' sign gives a '-' sign.

    Hence, we have:

    '+' sign multiply by '-' sign gives '-' sign
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    Step 3

    Now, since both of the denominators are the same, we can combine these two fractions into one.

    Hence, this term becomes:

    Simplifying the fractional exponents
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    Step 4

    Now, 2 divides by 2 gives 1. Rather than leaving the answer as a1. It's neater to write a1 as a.

    The answer is a

    Clearly, the answer is C.