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Find the Equivalent Fraction for 11/12 
Question Write the equivalent fraction with the given denominator: 11/12 = ?/48. Answer It is important to understand the basics behind …

Simplify the algebraic fraction: (2x+ 2x)/x^2  Not rated yet
Question Simplify (2x+ 2x)/x^2 Answer STEP 1:    Observe the given algebraic fraction: There are two terms …

Factoring Numbers Not rated yet
Question What are the factors of 27,720? Answer STEP 1:    The numbers which when multiplied together gives another …

Fractions word problem: Calculate the remaining pipe length Not rated yet
Question A piece of pipe 30 3/4 inches long. If five pieces, each 4 1/3 inches long are cut from the pipe, how many inches of pipe remain? Answer

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