Graphing Linear Equations Practice Question

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Question 2

The picture shows five points V, U, T, S and P. Which are the 2 points when connected together with a line, will satisfy the linear equation of y = x + 1?

5 coordinate points question picture


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A. S and V
B. V and T
C. P and S
D. P and U

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    One way to solve question is to draw the graph of y = x + 1 on a piece of graph paper.

    To draw the line, we need at least two points. So, let's draw a table to store the coordinates of two points.

    Empty table
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    Step 2

    Now, fill in the x-coordinates. We can pick any numbers. To make things easier, let's pick 0 and 1.

    These x-coordinates will be used to calculate the y-coordinates later.

    Table filled with x-coordinates
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    Step 3

    Now calculate the x-coordinate of the first point by substituting x = 0 into y = x + 1:

    y = 0 + 1
    = 1

    For x=1, substituting x = 1 into y = x + 1:

    y = 1 + 1
    = 2

    Fill in the table with these newly calculated y-coordinates.

    Table filled with x and y coordinates
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    Step 4

    Now plot these points onto the plane and connect them with a line as shown in the picture.

    The line, y = x + 1 passes through points P and U
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    Step 5

    From Step 4, the line passes through the points P and U. Therefore, the answer for this question is D.

    There is a faster way of solving this question. Can you find it?