Slope-Intercept Practice

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Question 1

State the slope and y-intercept for the equation below:

3y -5x = 9

You can use the picture shown on the right as reference.

slope-intercept form of a line


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A. m = 5/3 and b = 3
B. m = 5/3 and b = -3
C. m = -5/3 and b = 3
D. m = -5/3 and b = -3

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    Looking at the equation of a line below:

    3y -5x = 9

    We know that the equation is not in the Slope-Intercept Form. Hence, we have to change this equation into the form of y=mx+b.

    slope-intercept form of a line
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    Step 2

    To change the equation into the form of y=mx+b, we need to make y as the subject of the equation (i.e. y = something). Therefore:

    changing the equation to slope-intercept form
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    Step 3

    Now, from the equation:

    Slope-Intercept Form of 3y-5x=9

    When we compare it with y = mx+b, we have:

    slope = m = 5/3
    y-intercept = b = +3 = 3

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    Step 4

    Clearly, the answer is A.