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This page contains support information for this app. Click on any of the links below that is most relevant to you:

  • General guide on using the app...
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General Guide

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Start from the top for each step...

Generally, each step will start by providing the instruction at the top of the screen. This accompanied by a narration (female voice).

start reading from the top
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Follow the pointer and read the notes...

When you tapped a button or answered a question, the pointer ("Tap Me") and notes window will appear. Each of the notes contain important information. So, it is advisable for you to read carefully.

Pointer and Notes

After you have read all the notes for that step, the pointer will point you to the next step. See the picture below:

Go to next step
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How to go to the next step or previous step...

You can go to the next step or previous step by tapping on the '>' and '<' respectively. See the picture below:

navigate steps
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The exit button...

You can go to the menu by tapping on the exit button.

exit to menu button
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The voice button...

You can turn the narration off or on by tapping on the buttons shown below:

voice button
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The reload button...

You can reload the current step by tapping on the "reload" button. This button is useful if you want to read the notes again or to repeat the step.

reload button

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