Basic Algebra Lessons

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This page contains the list of lessons on basic algebra. Here, see the introduction to algebra and some lessons to get you started. Each lesson consists of a math video, study tips and practice questions.
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The lessons below show you the basics ideas behind algebra.

Here, you will get to learn what are algebra variables,  how to combine algebraic terms, removing brackets and many more. Take a look at the list below for the available lessons...
Basic Algebra

Topic Lessons

This lesson introduces you to algebra. Here, you will get to learn what algebra variables are all about.
This lesson is about identifying and combining like terms in algebraic expressions...
In this lesson, we will learn the basics behind simplifying expressions. We will start by learning how to add 'like terms' in an expression...
Learn how to remove brackets when simplifying algebraic expressions...
Learn the basics behind evaluating expressions by substituting variables and perform any required calculations...
This lesson shows you the basics behind solving linear equations...
This lesson shows you some examples on solving linear equations. These examples will help in your understanding on this topic...
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