Volume of a Cube Practice

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Question 2

Given a cube with a volume of 64 in3. Find the length of the side (edge) of this cube.


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A. 4 in3
B. 4 in
C. 5 in3
D. 5 in

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    The picture below shows the cube with the sides (edges) of length L.

    cube with the sides of length L
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    Step 2

    Since the value of the volume is given, we substitute V with 64 in into the formula as shown:

    Calculating the length of the sides of a cube
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    Step 3

    Now, to find L, we just need to find the cube root of 64 as shown. Since 64 = 4×4×4, it is clear that cube root of 64 is 4. Also, since the unit for the volume is in3, the unit for L will be in.

    Length of the side is 4in
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    Step 4

    Therefore, the answer is B.