Volume of a Cube Practice

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Question 1

Given a cube with the length of each side (edge) as 3cm. Find the volume of this cube.


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A. 9 cm2
B. 9 cm3
C. 27 cm2
D. 27 cm3

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    The picture below shows the cube with the sides (edges) with the length of 3cm.

    Cube with the sides of length 3cm
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    Step 2

    To find the volume, we can just use the formula for the volume of the cube as shown:

    Calculating the length of the sides of a cube
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    Step 3

    Now, the calculated number 27, carries no meaning unless the unit for it is included. Since the sides of the cube are in unit cm, the unit for volume will be cm3. Hence:

    V = 27cm3
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    Step 4

    Clearly, the answer is D.