Mixed & Improper Fractions Practice

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Question 1

Convert the following improper fraction to mixed fraction:

improper fraction 11/4


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A. 2 3/4
B. 4 3/2
C. 2 4/3
D. 3 2/4

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    To convert this improper fraction to mixed fraction, we need to know that 11/3 is also:

    11 ÷ 4
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    Step 2

    After knowing this, we can now perform long division for 11÷4. For the first part of the division (shown below), we have the quotient as 2.

    long division for 11/4

    This quotient 2, will become the whole number for the mixed fraction. Also, remember when doing the conversion, the denominator remains the same (which 4 in this case).

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    Step 3

    After completing this division, we have the remainder as 3.

    The remainder is the mixed fraction's numerator

    This remainder 3 will become the numerator for the mixed fraction.

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    Step 4

    Finally, we have the mixed fraction as:

    mixed fraction 2 3/4

    Clearly, the answer is A.