Perimeter of a Parallelogram Practice

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Question 2

The following parallelogram has the perimeter of 26ft. Find x.

parallelogram with the side lengths of x and 8ft


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A. 2 ft
B. 3 ft
C. 4 ft
D. 5 ft

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    We know that the perimeter can be calculated by adding up all the side lengths together. The picture below shows all the side lengths of the parallelogram.

    parallelogram with all the side lengths shown
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    Step 2

    Logically, adding up all the side lengths together must result in 26ft. Hence:

    the equation, 26 = x + 8 + x + 8
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    Step 3

    Now, we can simplify the equation as shown:

    simplifying the equation, 16=x+8+x+8
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    Step 4

    To get a step closer in finding x, we add -16 to both sides of the equation. This is shown below:

    simplifying by adding -16 to both sides of the equation
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    Step 5

    Next, to find x, we divide both sides of the equation with 2:

    x is calculated as 5
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    Step 6

    Now, the calculated number, 5, has no meaning unless we include the unit for it. Since the perimeter is in feet, x will be in feet. Hence:

    x = 5ft
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    Step 7

    Therefore, the answer is D.