Volume of Cylinder Practice

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Question 2

Given a cylinder with the radius of 2cm and the height of 7cm. Find the volume of this solid.

Take π = 22/7


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A. 88
B. 88 cm
C. 88 cm2
D. 88 cm3

Step by Step Solution

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    Step 1

    The picture below shows the cylinder with the radius (R) of 2cm, and the height (H) of 7cm.

    cylinder with R=2cm and H=7cm
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    Step 2

    Since R and H have the same unit, we can just calculate the volume of this cylinder as shown:

    V = pi r squared multiples by H
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    Step 3

    Now, the calculated number 88, is meaningless unless we include the unit for it. Since R and H units are in cm, the unit for volume will be cm3. Hence:

    V = 88cm3
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    Step 4

    Clearly, the answer is D.